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Jenna Brown's Family History

A Family History of Service to America

Jenna Brown’s Patriotic Origins

       Jenna Brown gets her “Do the Right Thing” spirit from the family hero, John Sevier, the Revolutionary War hero of the Battle of King’s Mountain, American Patriot, and future first governor of the state of Tennessee.

       John Sevier had already served as an officer in the Virginia Militia directly under George Washington years earlier and he had settled into his new life as an elected magistrate when the Revolutionary War began.

The Revolutionary War Battle of King’s Mountain

       In the darkest days of the Revolutionary War, the British are winning on every front and control much of the thirteen colonies. The Waxhaw Massacre had just occurred where Patriots had been gunned down by British soldiers after they surrendered. The Battle of Camden where the British took about 1,000 wounded prisoners and destroyed the Patriot army opened North Carolina for the British Army to invade. These are the darkest days of the American Revolution.

       A small rag tag force of American Patriots is hiding in the mountains caring for their many wounded and dying. The British led Loyalist Army has set out to crush this small band of Patriots that has threatened General Cornwallis British Army once and for all.


       The British commander of the British Loyalist Army was Major Ferguson, said to be the best shot in the British Army and who once had George Washington in his rifle sights but didn't shoot him. Major Ferguson also invented the famous breech loading Ferguson rifle. Two years earlier Major Ferguson and his soldiers had crept into an American Patriot outpost and had bayoneted, wounded, and killed 30 American Patriots in their beds, at what would be called the Little Egg Harbor Massacre.

       Major Ferguson is in hot pursuit of the devastated American Patriot force when he issues the order to all the nearby settlements that were giving aid and supplies to the American Patriot force to:

Major Ferguson of the British Army ordered:

Lay down your arms, or I will march my army over the mountains,

hang your leaders, and lay waste to the country with fire and sword.

       John Sevier, an elected magistrate, took offense to being threatened by the British commander Major Ferguson. John Sevier rushed to raise a Patriot army, pledging all his personal assets to secure the money for weapons, gunpower, food, and horses. John Sevier then joined forces with the other Patriot leaders, while dodging British Loyalist assassins that tried to kill him and his family.


       Together with other local Patriot commanders, John Sevier led the Patriots to meet the invading British Loyalist army and save the rag tag Patriot force hiding in the mountains. On October 7, 1780, the British Loyalist army held the high ground on King’s Mountain, and they outnumbered John Sevier’s small force of Patriots. John Sevier led the surprise charge up the mountain and defeated the larger British Loyalist army. John Sevier’s actions that day saved the rag tag band of wounded and hunted Patriots trapped on King’s Mountain from complete destruction.

       During the pitched battle Major Ferguson was shot off his horse, but his foot was caught in the stirrup and the horse dragged him to the American Patriot's side of the battle. When a Patriot went over to ask the now wounded Major Ferguson to surrender, Major Ferguson drew his pistol and shot the Patriot, upon shooting the Patriot, eight other Patriots shot Major Ferguson, which killed him.  

       Just like John Sevier and his brave and outnumbered Patriots, Jenna Brown and her brave American Patriot volunteers will charge up that tall mountain against the odds and fight for what is right in Blaine County and America!

After The Battle of King’s Mountain

       Some say the Battle of King’s Mountain changed the course of the Revolutionary War as it showed that a small group of determined American Patriots could win against the larger entrenched British army.

The Oklahoma Land Runs

       Jenna Brown’s great grandfathers homesteaded Oklahoma in the early land run days. One of Jenna’s great grandfathers ended up near Gracemont and Anadarko, Oklahoma in 1901. The other one homesteaded around Niles near Hinton, Oklahoma in 1906. Both of her great grandfathers had the true pioneer spirit, and they raised their crops, cows, and families on Oklahoma soil.

When Cowboys and Farmers Went to World War I 

       In October 1917 Jenna Brown’s grandfather Jim Lambert enlisted in the 36th Infantry Division or Panthers Division. Formed from volunteers of mostly Oklahomans and Texans, which were farmers, ranchers, cowboys, and Native Americans. Their job was to stop the German invasion of Europe in World War I. Jim was a member of the 131st Machine Gun Battalion under the supreme command of General Blackjack Pershing. Jim fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, at the battle of Saint Etienne, and at the “Forest Farm” assault in the Argonne Forest. The Infantry Division suffered 2,584 casualties with 466 soldiers killed in action and 2,118 soldiers wounded in action during the war. Jim survived World War I and was released from the military in June of 1919 and he went back home to Oklahoma to raise a family of his own. At the end of the war the 131st Machine Gun Battalion took a photograph in France of the survivors of the war, this is the photograph that she hangs in her office and currently resides at her home office. Jim Lambert is another of Jenna Brown's personal heroes, Jim was a humble cowboy and farmer, who worked hard, worked honestly and was a fair man. Jim believed that with hard work and by doing what was right, you could "pick yourself up". Jim and his family survived the Dust Bowl years, the Great Depression, and World War II. When Jim left this earth his preacher at his funeral said, "he left us richer than the wealthiest millionaire".






The Vietnam War and the Cold War

       Jenna’s stepfather "Papa" that raised her was Jerry and he was a U.S. Naval Cryptologist (Code Breaker) during the Vietnam and Cold War, where he worked to break hostile military codes. Jerry received one of the first Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science from Central State University in 1977. After graduating, Jerry held a number of high-ranking management positions while he traveled around the United States and Europe working on computer systems. Afterwards he came back to Oklahoma and later became the Oklahoma County Information Systems Director for several years.

 The War on Terror

       Jenna's nephew David, an Electrician's Mate Nuclear (Nuke), has just completed the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Propulsion School and is assigned to Naval Base Guam, part of the Joint Region Marianas Command. Located 3,300 west of Hawaii. Guam is 1,600 miles off the coast of China.  

About Jenna Brown

       Jenna Brown was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma and Jenna graduated from the Central State University in Oklahoma in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Jenna then went to work for Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services (DHS) and worked her way up to Senior Child Welfare Specialist III. While working for DHS Jenna applied to and was accepted to Oklahoma City University’s Law School. Jenna worked during the days at DHS and at night Jenna went to law school while raising her son as a single mom. Jenna Brown graduated from law school in 2002. Jenna's son Nick O'Shaughnessy is married to Anna, and Nick just received his Master's in Science in Aerospace Engineering; Nick is also a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and Anna is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University. Nick and Anna make their home here in Oklahoma.    

       Jenna then began working for the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office. Then Jenna got a job opportunity in Orlando, Florida as an assistant state's attorney. But Jenna missed Oklahoma and came back in 2008 and then with all her hard-earned experience she was hired by the Canadian County District Attorney’s office. While there Jenna Brown became known as one of the top domestic violence prosecutors in the State of Oklahoma, working daily with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to keep Oklahomans safe from violent crime. 

       In 2015 Jenna Brown was awarded the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Prosecutor of the Year Award being in competition with every other prosecutor in the state.

       In both 2017 and again in 2018 Jenna Brown was awarded the district attorney's Guardian Award for defending the citizens of Oklahoma. 

       Jenna Brown can practice law in Oklahoma, Florida, and at the Federal level in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

       Jenna Brown has worked on over 7,500 court cases in her 20 years of being a criminal and civil lawyer while travelling statewide trying cases. Normally, she can be seen splitting her time between Watonga and El Reno.

       Jenna currently serves as the newly elected president of the board of directors for the Intervention and Crisis Advocacy Network (ICAN) and is a board member of the Watonga Foundation. Jenna currently works as the part-time Assistant District Attorney for Blaine County and is in private practice part-time. Jenna currently specializes in representing children at the Juvenile Center in El Reno and doing Guardian Ad Litem (representing the children's best interests) during divorce proceedings.



Jim Lambert, 1917
Soldier, Cowboy, and Farmer.

"A Father"

Thank you, God, for a Father who loved with an unselfish love and who gave more of himself than he asked of anyone in return.

A Father who cared more about happiness in his children's eyes than money in the bank.

A Father who had time to have fun with his family.

A Father who taught his children how to work fairly and honestly for another man.

A Father who would rather be helping a needy neighbor than working for personal gain.

This Father Leaves his children far richer than the wealthiest millionaire.

God, you were good when you chose our "Daddy" and now, Thank You for relieving him from the cares of this world.

Geulah Lambert Stallcup

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